Sunday, May 20, 2012


So good. Watch it. Love yourself.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I know things seem a bit slow on the blogging front, at the moment.
There is so much going on behind the scenes this week, in direct regards to the blog.
Expect to see some fairly big changes in terms of photography and location, over the coming month.

Until then, I'll share a few things of interest that I found while poking around the interwebs.

This is a great bit of writing about the concept of 'Natural Models,' which basically means some people are pushing for an industry in which many shapes and sizes can find work (i.e. Less division between straight and plus sizing). 

ASOS responds to the fact that they used a model that wasn't plus sized, in their Curve campaign. It's pretty refreshing. 

Forever 21 has a plus line... Which, I'm sure everyone but me knew about. 

Finally, you can look forward to an interview with Cardigan Empire's Reachel Bagley late in the month.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty Inspiration

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

"Too fat, too thin. That's just the media spin. You look best when you're comfortable in your own skin."
-Author Unknown

How far from the truth this photo is. Yet, this is the reality of how some might judge us on our body types. 
It's sad to me that we may miss out on lasting friendships or meaningful relationships, simply because we have a prejudice against another body type (other than our own). 
I am not entirely free of this prejudice, even though I try to be aware of it. We are culturally conditioned to think in this way. 
Here's to a little greater awareness. And, a little more acceptance. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers' Day is approaching. I've been gathering cards and little gifts for all of the respective mother figures in our family, as of late.
I am accustomed to that role. The role of daughter. It is a role I know well. I have been doing it for almost three decades now.
However, I sometimes forget that Mothers' Day is a day for me too now. Because, I am a mother. Better yet, I am a mother to a daughter.
I also forget how much effect my own self loathing might have on my child. My endless weighing and dieting. My constant desire to perfect myself. But, for who?
Her father doesn't seem to mind my looks. My body has provided everything she required from it, and then some. I am healthy. Rarely sick. Able to walk, run, bend, stretch, play... I eat healthfully and yet I worry more about the number on the label of my dress and the number on the scale... rather than the number of candles on her cake.
Time is flying by, and I am wasting it with selfish pursuits. Obsessing over tiny bulges and the respective size of numbers...
But the worst of this is that I might pass some of this self loathing behavior on to my daughter. I make a conscious effort to avoid such talk in front of her, but it's difficult to eliminate it entirely when you spend just about every waking moment of your day with someone.
So, I am constantly trying to be aware of this kind of attitude for my daughter's sake. My newest mantra with her is, "A clean girl is a healthy girl. And, a healthy girl is a pretty girl." I use this saying in an effort to get her to let me wash her face/hands/hair. But, it's true. Live cleanly. Be healthy. You WILL be pretty. Regardless of what your scale says.
Hopefully, I can make that a reality in my own life... So, it will always be a reality for hers. 

H&M Has a Plus Size Line?

You heard me.
H&M has a Plus Size Line. Sizes 12-24, called H&M+.
Who knew?
Certainly not me. I have complimented so many women wearing cute little H&M frocks on so many occasions and then lamented the fact that I would not be able to get said garment in my own size.
Some might say, "Well, then you should lose weight! Then you could wear their clothes..."
No, no I couldn't.
Even 'skinny' me is a size 14. Skinny me is still at least a DD bra cup. Skinny me ate 1200 calories a day and ran several miles, several times a week... Yet, could never get below those dimensions.
Not that this fact upsets me, in reality.  I like curves on other women. Therefore, I appreciate my own womanly form. But, shopping in a mall has never been much of  treat for me. Simply because even at my smallest, I can rarely buy the largest sizes in the more popularly branded stores.
So, to learn that one of the brands I have often found myself eyeing with equal parts disdain and lust, has a plus line... Well, I'm giddy. To say the least.
As far as I can tell, selection on the site is still pretty sparse in the plus division, with just a handful of frocks in an 18.
However, it is a start. And, I look forward to them adding to the collection... So, I can add the collection to my closet.

Provoking Thought: Marilyn Monroe

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 

Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Torch Sangin'

I recently joined a class in my 'hood called Torch Singer 101 with a friend I'll call... Baking Goddess.
Anyway, Baking Goddess and I have been to the class just once. But, seeing as both of us are kind of clothing whores... the issue of what we'd be wearing was one of the first things we thought of (and, surprisingly, not so much what songs we'd sing). Aren't we silly?

So, here's the outfit I've kind of put together as my 'dream' outfit. Nothing has been decided, but I thought it would be fun to post my ideas.

I may come up with alternative, and less dreamy outfits (in terms of price)... However, this is a start.

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ballet With Artsy MoMo (aka Art Geek)

Dress: DKNY (via Lane Bryant)
Chiffon Layering Blouse: Old Navy 
Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Target

Dress: Jessica Howard (via Von Maur) 
Shoes: Unknown (but, ultra cute... amiright?)

Well, Artsy MoMo and I had a fantastic time out on the town. We went to the ballet version of Moulin Rouge, which was lovely and lots of fun. 
MoMo and I made the 'mistake' of being some of the best dressed ladies at the event that night! I mean, who goes to the ballet in jeans, really? Neither of us, that's for sure. We looked great and had fun. And, MoMo got so many compliments on her dress I was starting to get a bit of a complex by the end of the night!  ;) 
And, oy did I cheese like an idiot in that photo! But, it was certainly a reflection of how I felt. I had so much fun getting out and being glamours with a girlfriend! Thanks again MoMo, for coming with me! 
Sorry (again), for the lack of postiness... and for the delay in getting those photos posted. But, here they are... Hope they lived up to the hype! 

Date Night Out of Town

Dress: IGIGI 
Clutch: Vintage 
Shoes: Payless 

For the first time since our honeymoon, my husband and I had a night out and away from my little darling. I won't deny that is was absolutely relaxing and fun... I didn't even have an opportunity to miss her (although, I was gone for just 18 hours). But, it was a lovely evening of romance. 
I ended up getting lucky that it was cool enough out that night to finally wear this dress, which has fantastic and flattering ruching all the way down the bodice. I got it on sale at IGIGI... so I'm not even sure that they sell it any longer. Sad, I know. 
You may notice I have a bright pink streak in the front of my hair. It was fun while it lasted, but red fades so fast! I ended up going back to solid brunette a little over a week after coloring it like this. Mostly, because I am lazy, and that color is a pain in the derriere to work with. 
Also, I apologize for the sudden slump in posts... But, my computer was in the repair shop for what seemed like a century... Which, limited me to Kindle only internet access! 
I'm glad to be back and hope you'll forgive me. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Trends I Approve Of (2/5)

2. Color Blocking

High Fashion Inspiration - Marc Jacobs and Sophie Theallet

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Get The Look For Less - Calvin Klein, London Times and IGIGI

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Jena on Pinterest