Thursday, April 12, 2012

Date Night Out of Town

Dress: IGIGI 
Clutch: Vintage 
Shoes: Payless 

For the first time since our honeymoon, my husband and I had a night out and away from my little darling. I won't deny that is was absolutely relaxing and fun... I didn't even have an opportunity to miss her (although, I was gone for just 18 hours). But, it was a lovely evening of romance. 
I ended up getting lucky that it was cool enough out that night to finally wear this dress, which has fantastic and flattering ruching all the way down the bodice. I got it on sale at IGIGI... so I'm not even sure that they sell it any longer. Sad, I know. 
You may notice I have a bright pink streak in the front of my hair. It was fun while it lasted, but red fades so fast! I ended up going back to solid brunette a little over a week after coloring it like this. Mostly, because I am lazy, and that color is a pain in the derriere to work with. 
Also, I apologize for the sudden slump in posts... But, my computer was in the repair shop for what seemed like a century... Which, limited me to Kindle only internet access! 
I'm glad to be back and hope you'll forgive me. 

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  1. You look fantastic. Just like a gorgeous pinup girl