Friday, May 11, 2012


I know things seem a bit slow on the blogging front, at the moment.
There is so much going on behind the scenes this week, in direct regards to the blog.
Expect to see some fairly big changes in terms of photography and location, over the coming month.

Until then, I'll share a few things of interest that I found while poking around the interwebs.

This is a great bit of writing about the concept of 'Natural Models,' which basically means some people are pushing for an industry in which many shapes and sizes can find work (i.e. Less division between straight and plus sizing). 

ASOS responds to the fact that they used a model that wasn't plus sized, in their Curve campaign. It's pretty refreshing. 

Forever 21 has a plus line... Which, I'm sure everyone but me knew about. 

Finally, you can look forward to an interview with Cardigan Empire's Reachel Bagley late in the month.


  1. I'm so excited for your changes! Yay for progress!!

  2. All I have to say is, DAMN THAT GIRL IS SMOKIN'.


    Most the time, I'm okay with being plus sized, I just wish I were more of a pear than an apple. Le sigh.